Nutrition and Food Preparation

Eating and drinking are a part of the educational process at Casa. Children need never bring their own food and drink to school.

At Casa, healthy, vegetarian and predominantly organic food and drinks are prepared and eaten daily with the children. In the morning, the children in the class prepare a healthy snack together. We have a special snack table where children can snack together or alone. Every afternoon the children eat a freshly prepared healthy lunch. For the younger children cooking is done for them and in the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary the children cook for their own group under the supervision of a cook. We believe that by allowing children to come into contact with healthy food early on and by teaching them where food comes from, they discover the value of healthy eating. In addition, children develop their motor, social, reading and math skills during preparation.
For more detailed information about our approach to nutrition and food education, please refer to the accompanying nutrition policy linked below.

Food Policy 2020

Week menu

Casa offers a changing weekly menu with a fixed number of elements. The current weekly menu with specific dishes can be found via Parro.

In 2014 Casa requested Haagse Hoogeschool to review the food policy of Casa. The report (Dutch only) can be downloaded here: Rapportage voedingsbeleid Casa

Parental contribution

The food and drinks served at Casa are financed via a financial contribution from the parents of the students. For more information, please see our school fees.