Nutrition and Food Preparation

Eating and drinking are a part of the educational process at Casa. Children need never bring their own food and drink to school.

Casa students prepare their own healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. Once snacks are ready, they invite their classmates and eat together. We have dedicated spaces and tables where the children are able to relax and enjoy their meals and snacks with others.

This social activity is an important part of the day, as is lunchtime. During lunch, all students come together to eat and drink and socialize. Casa provides healthy, (where possible) organic food and drink. Our policy is to involve the children as much as possible in the preparation of their meals; the older children are tasked with assisting the younger ones whenever there is opportunity to do so.

Week menu

Casa offers a changing weekly menu with a fixed number of elements. The current weekly menu with specific dishes can be found via Parro.

In 2014 Casa requested Haagse Hoogeschool to review the food policy of Casa. The report (Dutch only) can be downloaded here: Rapportage voedingsbeleid Casa

Parental contribution

The food and drinks served at Casa are financed via a financial contribution from the parents of the students. For more information, please see our school fees.