Lodging complaints

The Casa complaints procedure allows both parents and Casa staff to effectively mediate and resolve disputes or problems in a timely fashion. The procedure is maintained by Casa management

Though the Casa staff does it utmost to provide you and your children with the level of attention and care you deserve, it is possible for disputes to arise. Any time people work together, tensions and disagreements can occur. These can happen between students and parents  and teachers and school staff, in myriad combinations. If you are not satisfied with, or have questions regarding specific teachers, Casa school policies or events, please take the time to inform us.  This allows Casa staff an opportunity to work together with you and reach a solution or compromise. 

Should you wish to lodge a complaint, please contact the Casa School Management - Tessa Wessels. You may also direct your questions or complaints to Engelien de Bruin or Jeanet Bossche, Casa School’s designated points of contact for disputes.

We are a firm believer in allowing the multiple sides of a dispute to come to a solution or compromise, especially if the disagreement is regarding the conduct or behaviour of an individual. In the unlikely and unhappy event that no compromise or solution was reached, or you are not satisfied with the proposed course of action, it is possible to lodge a formal complaint.

This can be done via verbal report accompanied with a written complaint directly to the management team of Casa, or via a written complaint to the Casa Board of Directors. Please find Casa’s Complaint Procedures detailed in the following attachment.

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Casa Bilingual Montessori School

Casa Bilingual Montessori School is affiliated with the independent Complaints Commission VBS. If you have a complaint about Casa School, and your child is four years old or older, you may direct your complaints to:

Landelijke Klachtencommisie voor het algemeen bijzonder onderwijs
Postbus 95572
2509 CN The Hague

Official Secretariat:
Mrs. D.H.C. Dane-Peeters
Tel. 070-331 52 44
Email: lkc@vbs.nl

Casa Daycare

Casa Daycare is affiliated with the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards (De Geschillencommissie). You can contact this board if the event you wish to dispute happened between 14.00 and 18.00 hours or if your child is three years old. Please check the website www.degeschillencommissie.nl (Dutch only!)for more information

A yearly report detailing complaints and their resolution is published by Casa and is available here. Previous reports are available upon request.

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