What sets us apart?

AMI Montessori and Dutch curriculum

AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) is the formal international governing body that sets the standards for Montessori programs and educational methodologies around the world. In addition to the original, basic principles set by Maria Montessori, the AMI governing body ensures consistent standards and guidelines for Montessori schools around the world to practice and is constantly reviewed and updated as Scientific studies, schools, and teachers provide practical feedback.

The Montessori curriculum is primarily based on the natural developmental needs of children. Maria Montessori observed children and saw what they are interested in and what they needed for their development. By experimentally and scientifically proceeding, she developed her curriculum and because this is based on the natural development of children, it applies to all children regardless of where they were born. For this reason, AMI Montessori schools are the same regardless of where they are located.

Unfortunately, there are many advertised "Montessori" schools in the world and The Netherlands that do not actually follow AMI guidelines and often only offer a narrow selection of what the full AMI curriculum has to offer.

What is the primary difference between AMI and the Dutch curriculum?

For the young child, we see many activities that will be found in a different environment, e. g. activities for daily life exercises.
But we also see that children work much sooner in a Montessori environment with calculation materials. In the Children’s House, for example, they work with very large numbers and are working on all operations. They are also busy with writing and reading and with world orientation.

All day, all year concept

Casa is unique due to the fact that school and after-school programs are fully integrated. This makes us a fully integral child centre; as opposed to other schools where the formal school program and after-school program are managed and operated by two separate organisations.
In addition to having a fixed learning environment that children are based in throughout the day, activity guides offer additional activities that children may choose to attend. There are both individual activities or activities with other children. In addition to the set schedule, children can also sign up for activities that are offered for a limited time only, for instance: 6 weeks.

Our activities include:

  • Individual music lessons (guitar or violin) **
  • Cooking - making snacks or the warm lunch
  • Gardening
  • Science Experiments
  • Art
  • Sports - such as Judo

** These must be arranged directly with the music teacher and paid for separately. Casa provides the space.