What do people say?

Children say:

Sanne, 10:
'I like this school because it feels like home and you don't need to do the exact same thing as others and we have chickens and rabbits, you can get singing lessons (sometimes) and sometimes we even have 2x in 1 day! But only if you have a long day.'

Fae Eliz, 9:
'At this school you can choose many things and you have a lot of freedom. You learn to work together and because it's bilingual, it's also handy for foreigners. Ik think it's great that you can also work in group. You can choose for yourself which work you'd like to do, such as if you're not good at writing, then you practice that more.'

Sterre, 10:
'At Casa you can choose many things, such as if you want to work on maths, you can. And because it's bilingual, you already learn English and then you already know some English when you go to high school, and that's very handy.'

Anco, 11:
'Casa is really fun! Right now, we're busy with a Minecraft project. Here I'm learning more about computers. Normally, I'm not all that interested in computers, but because of Minecraft, I'm finding it more fun. It's also important that we work together here. We also learn to make plans and we speak a lot of English.
We also have a great gym class with our gym teacher Panji. We go a lot of fun things such as football (soccer) and apenkooien.'
Melih, 11:
'Casa is a fun school, especially gym! And you are allowed to plan for yourself a lot in class. We eat a warm lunch every day!'

Parents say:

Fabienne, mother of Kasper (4) and Cato (6):
'Going to school every day is a party for the children! They come home every day with wonderful stories about what they were able to do and what they learned. We feel privileged that we are able to give the gift of Casa to our children!'

Nicole, mother of Lotte (4):
'The children are truly listened to.'
'The children, young and old, are taken seriously by everyone who walks through Casa.'
'The children are treated with respect.'
'The guides are very passionate about putting into practice the vision of Maria Montessori.'
'Casa is a warm and loving school, not just for children, but also for parents.'
'The child is truly! followed on a didactic level, according to the Montessori vision.'