Our vision


“Through the child to a better world.” – Education for Life.

Casa works towards a better world by creating conditions where the child can develop his/her full human potential.


Therefore we provide a Casa: a rich orderly environment where children can move freely and where the child is guided according to his/her needs. We empower the child. We meet the developmental needs of each child by inspiring and following him. We prepare our children for the challenges of life. We are challenged by the great potential of the child. Basic skills lay the foundation for the development of the human potential. We are connected by our values: caring, responsibility, respect, and kindness.


As a citizen of the world, the child contributes to world peace by taking responsibility for his/her own actions. The child will be a life long learner. The child is self-directed in his learning process. The child can make choices, can reflect, can think creatively, and is flexible. The child can think and act independently.

6 Pillars of Casa

Casa is unique in the Netherlands, and is built upon 6 Pillars:

  1. Education via the Montessori method in close cooperation with the AMI
  2. Bilingual school (Dutch and English)
  3. All Day, All Year concept
  4. Continuous Learning Path - children from 1 year old are welcome
  5. “Nature education” – working in and with nature
  6. Nutrition and Food Preparation

Casa aims to be a place where your children are encouraged to explore the world around them, broaden their horizons and knowledge, and develop their talents. A place where they are cherished, where they are can be free to work at their own pace - in essence a place of learning your children would enjoy being in.