Our vision


Casa's mission is: “Through the child to a better world.” – Education for Life.

At Casa we nurture the inner strength of children, so that they can contribute to a responsible and sustainable society.


Based on the values of courage and connection, we offer children a second home; a 'Casa'. A rich, orderly, broadly oriented environment, in which children can move purposefully and freely and in which our guidance meets the developmental needs of each child.


  • The child is a world citizen and takes responsibility for his own actions, which contributes to world peace.
  • The child has a learning attitude.
  • The child is self-guided in the learning process.
  • The child can make independent choices, reflect, think creatively and deal with change.
  • The child masters the basic skills so that they are well functioning citizens of the world.  
  • The child is aware that he or she is part of a greater whole and that he or she is dependent on it.
  • The child can think and act independently.

6 Pillars of Casa

Casa is unique in the Netherlands, and is built upon 6 Pillars:

  1. Education via the Montessori method in close cooperation with the AMI
  2. Bilingual school (Dutch and English)
  3. All Day, All Year concept
  4. Continuous Learning Path - children from 1 year old are welcome
  5. “Nature education” – working in and with nature
  6. Nutrition and Food Preparation

Casa aims to be a place where your children are encouraged to explore the world around them, broaden their horizons and knowledge, and develop their talents. A place where they are cherished, where they are can be free to work at their own pace - in essence a place of learning your children would enjoy being in.