At Casa, having the classrooms and work periods available all day, means that the children need the opportunities to attend other activities also throughout the day. As such, many of our activities are free for them to choose to go to themselves, while we also have a few others that they will need to sign up for.


Children's House

In the Children's House, most of the activities are available for free choice. Our own staff provide these activities for the children to attend during the work periods, and are only unavailable if necessary to cover for sickness.

These activities include:
Outside work

Lower Elementary

In the Lower Elementary there are a number of general activities for the children to choose from.

Outside work:

For the Lower Elementary, the children have several choices of activities to participate in.  These include: gardening, building, or doing experiments in the Science Centre.  Children can go with their own plan that they created or find inspiration from other children, the materials or the outside work guide. 


Each child will have an opportunity to help with cooking for their class (and also clean up). These moments are scheduled in advance so that no one misses their chance. They will work directly with a guide who will explain the dish they will be cooking and the steps that need to be followed. They are supervised as they cook and assisted as necessary.


Each class has either 1-2 scheduled gym time(s) per week. Every child participates together with their group. Parents receive a rotating schedule for gym.  Children will need to bring their gym bags to school on gym days and if it is an early session, be dropped off directly at the gym across the street from Casa.


In addition to general activities there are extra activities that the children can sign up for if they wish.


For children who have after school care on Thursdays, there is an option to join Judo. These groups do tend to be full, so signing up with the classroom guide is mandatory. If they are able to join the group, you will need to purchase a Judo suit from the SportInstituut.


Also available on Thursday afternoons is art by our regular art guide. Children can choose to participate in small groups.

Digi Lessons:

On Tuesdays you can go to digi lessons, where you will learn about programming, robotics and the internet.


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the children are able to attend group music lessons. These focus on singing, rhythm and playing together. Kids have the opportunity to write and perform their own songs. Part of the lessons tie in with the Cosmic Theme.

Upper Elementary

In the Upper Elementary, we also offer a wide variety of activities. Our own staff provides most of these activities for the children to attend during the work periods. Some activities are weekly for all children, some are available for daily sign up and for some activities children sign up for a longer period of time.

These activities include:
Science Center
Digital Knowledge lessons


Casa also offers space to music teachers so that children have an opportunity to attend individual music lessons while at school.

These music lessons must be arranged directly with the music teachers themselves, and involve additional fees, as Casa only provides the space.

Currently we have teachers for:
Violin - Manon van de Kempe (
Classical Guitar - Yiannis Giagourtas (
Acoustic Guitar - Misha Nuis (
Piano, Cello, Recorder - Anna-Sophia Hummel (