Team Members

Casa is filled with driven and energetic individuals all striving towards the goal of making Casa a true home away from home for our children.

At Casa, we work with a management team. This team currently consists of three members, namely the director, Tessa Wessels, with two team leaders, Jetteke Choi, and Mariëtte van Himbergen. The Children's House Team Leader (Mariëtte) manages two teams, namely team group guides CH and team support guides CH. The Team Leader of Lower and Upper Elementary (Jetteke) leads three teams, namely team group guides LE, team group guides UE and team support guides LE/UE.

The Management Team  is supported by a number of advisors in the fields of finance, HR/organization and Special Needs for children. These advisors are managed by the director.

The coordinator for the nutritional guides will be the team leader for all the nutritional guides in the future. This will soon be formalized. Until then, the director has taken on this task.

Within the section teams there are smaller teams per group. In total, each group has three or four group guides (teachers) per class working various schedules so that there is almost always a group guide in the class. The only exception to this is on Wednesday or Friday afternoons when there are fewer children overall and it is not possible to have all the classes open. 

On a daily basis, each Toddler group has an AMI trained group guide and is supported by several supporting pedagogical guides. Each Children’s House group has two group guides (one English speaking and one Dutch speaking) and is supported by one assistant from 08:00 - 14:00 and after 14:00 one group guide and an assistant. Each Lower and Upper Elementary group has two group guides (one English speaking and one Dutch speaking) from 08:00 - 14:00 and then one group guide after 14:00. All of these guides are further supported by activity guides both in the morning and the afternoon. 

When a child will be starting in a new class, he/she will receive a Welcome Book about six weeks in advance of their starting date. This book contains all the practical information that the child and parents will need to know including the names, photos and introductions of the guides in each class.

Contacting the classes


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