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Reference to the Children’s House at Casa – daycare, 3 year olds, primary school, after school care.

End of School Year Reflection

Dear colleagues, dear parents,Another school year has past. We still try our best to get everything organized in a calendar year – but we just can’t get rid of the “end of the year” feeling in July. Regardless – a moment to reflect is always healthy.We started the school year 2018/19 with much uncertainty. The […]

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The Montessori Bead Cabinet

Written by Maaike Steijlen, Zillah de Groot and Marcella PlukaardMathematics in MontessoriMaria Montessori interpreted math as just another way of communication between people. With both language and understanding of numbers, human beings started to organize and form civilizations. They are the basis of all understanding we have of this world. The math materials in a […]

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