Final Tests 2019

Final test results

Last week the results of the final test for our school-leavers were announced. We are proud to inform you that Casa has scored well in all areas, comparable to the national average. On higher math, Casa scores far above the national average.

In this test only arithmetic and (Dutch) language skills of children are tested. We are pleased that we are performing well in these basic skills. And we are also very proud of the personal skills of our students, such as independence, active learning attitude, self-reflection, setting goals and working together. These cannot be measured with a test, but do have an enormous influence on the success of our students in secondary education and the future. Our students also have a wide range of general knowledge as a result of the wide range of education we offer. Finally, I would like to emphasize that it is important for us that our children feel empowered and know that they are the world citizens of the future.

School Report (Dutch)

IEP test in the News

As you may have heard in the media, there was an error in the IEP Final Test, which led to incorrect advice being given by IEP.

Luckily it concerns only two of our children and it has no influence on the school advice itself. The children involved and their parents have been informed personally.