Grade 8 Graduation 2018

2018 marks a significant year for Casa, in terms of standard Dutch education cycles. This year’s graduates (grade 8 children) are the first to have followed a full (Dutch) primary school cycle at Casa!

Children in Dutch primary schools start at the age of four in grade one and continue until grade 8 when they will then move on to the high school of their choice. In the case of Casa, our children start at age 3, but when we opened our doors in 2012, we welcomed children of all ages to start at Casa. As such, many of our students also started at age four.

In total, fifteen students are graduating, four of whom were at Casa from the very first day! Twenty percent of our students graduate with a VMBO advice and eighty percent of our students are graduating with a HAVO, VWO or mixed advice.

For those who do not understand the Dutch High School system, the VWO schools have studies that prepare their students to attend theoretical and philosophical studies in university, the HAVO schools prepare the students for universities with applied science programs, and VMBO schools prepare the students for further education with vocations. Schools with multiple levels offer the students chances to change their continued educational plans based on their results throughout high school.

This year, our graduates’ final project was the performance of “The Lion King” musical. They did a phenomenal job and made their families and friends very proud.

Today marks their final day at Casa. After a goodbye lunch, they will pass through our doors for the final time.

We wish them all the best as they continue their educational careers!