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What will your child do when they finish elementary school? What do you think of a bilingual montessori high school in Pijnacker, in which we extend Casa's learning path to the age of 18? The government is now offering us the opportunity for this innovative future-proof education. We want to open Casa College in 2023. Interesting for your child(ren)?

In 2023 Casa College can become reality! The preparations are already in full swing and there is plenty of enthusiasm and motivation. Casa College will be a secondary school that responds to the specific developmental needs of young people, so that your child grows into a strong individual who can handle change, takes responsibility, makes independent choices and reflects on them. In short: everything your child needs for the world that is changing so much.

Make it happen and sign today!
With enough support, we can get started. This means concretely: 635 parent statements (signatures) before October 15, 2021. Does Casa College seem to you the perfect place for your son or daughter? Then put your signature today! With this statement you do not register for the school, but you indicate that you support the initiative. This shows the municipality that there is sufficient support for a school like Casa College.

We now have 113 signatures!


18 %

Who get's to sign?

The signature campaign is intended for parents with children that are (on November 1st 2021) 10, 11 or 12 years old. And who live in a radius of 15 kilometers around Pijnacker: from Scheveningen to Rotterdam South and from Leiden to Maassluis. Click here to see if your zip code is in this area.

About Casa
Our mission is: 'Through the child to a better world - Education for Life'. Ten years ago we started an elementary school Casa Pijnacker.This explosive growth shows that our vision is in line with the current zeitgeist and what students and society need: contemporary education, with an eye for nature, sustainability and good citizenship. Apart from conventions such as classical education and separate subjects. At Casa College we extend this line of learning to 18 years of age.

Would you like to know more about Casa? Read about it on www.casaschool.nl.


7 Pillars of Casa College


In het wiel

1. International Montessori

Help me be myself - I matter and contribute to the bigger picture. Ages and levels (mavo, havo, vwo) work next to one another and together. Students work on meaningful and course-transcendent projects, that are both academic and practical.  Results have value, are tangible and shared.

2. Selfdirected education

Within boundaries, students get to choose what, how and with whom they work and learn. The curriculum is insightful. Students are guided in their level- and profile choices. Tests are primarily used to give the student insight in their knowledge and abilities and as preparation for the final exam.

Samen leren

3. Bilingual education

We want young people to become world citizens. The English language plays an important role in this. English-speaking counselors are therefore part of the team. Casa will be working together with Nuffic. This means that we will become an official bilingual school. Casa will organize an international exchange program. In addition, it is possible to obtain a Cambridge certification. This is an international English language certificate. 

If students, in addition to the required languages of French and German, wish to make a foray into another language such as Spanish or a classical language, Casa strives to make this possible. 

4. Human, nature & technology

Man is inextricably linked to nature and technology. Now more than ever. Pupils learn to deal with technology from everyday practice. From working with tools (sawing, drilling and hammering), to learning to work with software programs. In addition, they also learn to apply technology creatively. Students not only become users of technology, but will also discuss the consequences of technology for themselves and society.

Masker af

5. Music, drama & design

At Casa College, we view art, drama, dance, music, media and design as full-fledged components of the curriculum. Creativity gives us the opportunity to question social developments, relationships and technology from different sides. Not one direction, but several paths lead to an answer, solution or connection. At Casa College we explore and experience 'the art of living' with our students.

6. Mentally and physically healthy

At Casa, we value healthy eating. Cooking and nutrition are part of the curriculum. Casa has its own kitchen where students prepare lunch. There is plenty of space and time for various forms of exercise such as team sports, wall climbing, dance, yoga and meditation. Healthy food and exercise supports the major physical and psychological change of the young adult.


7. Guide is coach, instructor and inspirator

At Casa, everyone is equal. The learning need 'Help me to be myself' means that the adult guides the student in this.

The guide is a coach. From a position of trust, the coach connects with the learner. The coach has a strong belief in the potential of the learner.

The guide is not only a coach but also an instructor and teaches the student skills and knowledge. Instructional moments are offered in varied ways: individually, in smaller or larger groups.

The guides are also inspirators as they impart knowledge from their own interests and specializations. Students will also do meaningful internships. Learning does not remain within the classroom: the neighborhood, the country and the world is the learning environment.